• Monday , 8 February 2016

and then I blinked








When Easter approached this year it was very important that the bunny knew he wasn’t to leave any candy. After all, Easter for our family symbolizes the Resurrection. It does not represent a basket full of candy that an over-sized, frankly very creepy rabbit drops by.  So this year the kids got a little candy doing our traditional backyard egg hunt, but they also got a jar of “coupons.” These coupons were things like breakfast in bed, good for one foot rub, a trip to Sweet Frog, and one was for a night alone with mom. While Kaileb treated his like money burning a hole in his pocket, Haylie saved hers and still has quite a few left. This particular evening she wanted to cash in her time with me. Her and Nick had already used theirs to go see a movie, a very rare treat around here because it’s such a costly one.

She asked to go swimming at the lake by our house but it hasn’t warmed up to the degree I’m willing to stick even my pinky finger in the water. Instead I offered to sit on the beach and make incredible castles. Do you see any photos of incredible castles? No, apparently we aren’t incredible at making much of anything out of sand.

When we had originally pulled into the parking lot, Haylie noticed a handful of teenagers slobbering over one another. There is another beach area that is less frequented so we opted to go there instead. She had some questions about these young people who seemed to be “so in love.” One statement she made was that the boyfriend of one of the girls “must be cheating on her.” Where did my child even get that?

This was one of the most serious conversations I’d ever had with my nine year old. Here I was talking about the time she was two and we played in the sand together and she comes along with questions I simply wasn’t prepared for. I don’t know if these things would have come up had I taken the other three along. It made me really stop and think about the benefits of giving my children one on one time. I get to do it often at bedtime and short walks around the neighborhood because I have Nick to help me rotate times to do so. I don’t however often get to take time out with just one. I don’t know if that will ever really change much, but I’d like it too.

It’s too short. People always say that about kids, enjoy the moment, laugh at the hard times because one day you’ll miss them. It’s true. You blink and they aren’t two years old, playing in the sand, splashing about. They become small adults with large personalities and it happens so fast. I beg for time to slow down but it has a purpose of it’s own.

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  1. Mom
    May 23, 2014 at 12:32 pm

    Cherish everyday.. Every moment because once they lv.. Your life is never the same …I miss you girls everyday .❤️ Great post !